Matti Taskinen is the new Manager of Plant Engineering at Fimecon Oy

"I have been working past 11 years as Equipment Design Engineer for Power- and Recovery

Boilers, of which past 9 years with Supervisory responsibilities. My main
design focus area has been High Pressure Piping and It’s related equipment. I
have extensive experience of Plant Projects and it’s customer requirements,
regulatory & statutory requirements, manufacturing processes, installation
requirements, Taking-Over activities and Final Documentation. I have been
closely cooperating with Strength Calculations Engineering, Quality Assurance
and Quality Control, Process Engineering, Procurement and Site Installations.
Based on my project knowledge, focus early on Project or preferable on quotation phase
to End Customer requirements, regulatory and statutory requirements gives early
on best possibilities of understanding all Quality requirements, which will be
implemented in Design to ensure Manufacturing & Installation Quality. This
ensures that End Product fulfils it’s Quality Requirements, which ensures Safe
and Process Requirements fulfilling Operating and therefore ensures Customer
Furthermore focus on Pre Engineering such as defining; project specific Design rules,
Purchasing Criteria & Specifications, Manufacturing Criteria &
Specifications, Installation Criteria & Specifications, Pressure Part
Systems & Process Values, Layout space reservation, Pre-routing including
supporting concepts, support locations and sufficient flexibility.
I want to further develop my Design Team and my own Team Leading skills. I also want
to give special focus and further develop Quality of Project Engineering.
Fimecon Oy has given me excellent opportunity and support for these new challenges as
position of Manager, Plant Engineering with additional responsibilities related
to Quality Management System.