Laser- & 3D-scanning

  •  Laser scanning helps when planning on how to fit new equipment to old facilities, or when old equipment is being transferred to a new layout. Usually there are no blueprints of the old facilities, or if there are, they are outdated. By scanning the target, the engineering work can be started from a precise and up-to-date pointcloud.
  • A handheld 3D-scanner can be utilized when complex and hard to measure parts must be digitized. With scanning the end result is a lot more precise than by any other method. The resulting model can be later used in various ways, for example as a base for new part or to remanufacture an old part.
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Documentation and Strength Calculation Services in Kuopio and Varkaus

Strength calculation is part of Fimecon's daily work. We handle the design of pressure equipment, flexibility analysis of high and low pressure pipelines, and steel structures. Strength calculation is also used in product development and structural optimization. We also conduct earthquake measurements and with regard to sizing, we take the necessary standards into account.

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  • In laser scanning we use the precise Leica BLK360 and as a handheld device we have the Calibry 3D Scanner. Post-processing and cleaning the pointclouds are done in CloudCompare, after which the engineering work is done for example in Solidworks.
  • For smaller objects, a mesh can be done easily. Factories and factory floors need to be done from the ground up, using the pointclouds as a precise reference. Pointclouds can of course left as is.
  • The finished files are recognized by most of the programs our customers use, such as ReCap, Navisworks, Inventor and Solidworks