About Fimecon

Fimecon Oy, which operates in Kuopio and Varkaus, has had customer orientation as its cornerstone since the very beginning.

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About Fimecon

Fimecon Oy, which operates in Kuopio and Varkaus, has had customer orientation as its cornerstone since the very beginning.

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The Story of Fimecon

Jussi Mykrä founded Fimecon Oy in 2013 after nearly 20 years of working in the same field with other companies. From the outset, the cornerstones of our operations have been customer-orientation, delivering services close to the customer and close involvement in the customer's business. Aki Maaranen, Mykra's colleague from a previous job, bought half of the company in 2014. With Aki Maaranen, the company acquired additional engineering expertise to complement the founder's expertise and experience in the pressure equipment and energy industries. As the company grew in the first half of 2015, Fimecon adopted an ERP system, and at the end of the same year moved to electronic invoice processing. Thus, in 2015, we laid the foundations for future growth of the company and wanted to ensure that the company's systems did not create barriers for growth.

In 2016, Fimecon Oy acquired Joensuu Pentek Engineering Oy, which specializes in mechanical woodworking industrial projects, and thus, Fimecon Oy expanded its operations to woodworking industrial projects. The operations of Pentek Engineering Oy were transferred to the premises of the parent company at Varkaus, and its operations continued as an active subsidiary of Fimecon Oy. Pentek Engineering Oy merged with Fimecon Oy on 31.12.2017.

Today, the company employs over ten absolute professionals in its field and continues to be governed by the same values as when it was founded.


Customer Orientation

  • Quality
  • Customer experience

Dynamic & Evolving

  • Continuous development and improvement 


  • Happy employees
  • Satisfied customers


  • Owner objectives
  • Securing continuity


We develop our customers' products and production facilities, making them increasingly competitive and better, thanks to our expertise.